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Custom Built Wood Fix and Sliding windows

Large fixed window unit - single pane glass - art studio - project in NY Fixed center window with sliding window on either sides - double pane insulated glass - simulated mullions - new construction in PA Sliding kitchen window - single pane glass - renovation project in NY
Fixed picture window sash - double pane insulated glass - simulated mullions - project in NJ Two in one fixed unit - double pane insulated glass - simulated glass - renovation project in CT Triangle top attic window unit -Insulated glass- renovation project in Thousand Island NY.

We custom build solid wood windows ; fixed, picture, sliding, attic, center fixed and either side sliding, three in one unit, arch top, angle top, two in one unit, single light, multi lights, single pane glass, double pane insulated glass, restoration wavy glass, true divided muttons, simulated mullions, kitchen windows or sashes.                         

We custom produce to match existing or build to custom design as per customer's request.

We custom fabricate windows for restoration of old traditional houses and historical buildings as well as new constructions, remodeling, renovation, additions and such projects.

We custom manufacture one sash or unit or multi sashes or units as per customer's request.

We are located in northern NY, 40 miles north of Syracuse and 12 miles south of Watertown New York.

Albany, Oswego, Central NY, Rochester, Buffalo and NYC are our neighboring cities.

We serve nation wide.



Jim Illingworth Millwork, we keep old traditions alive in modern living

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